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Solar Panel Control Board Covers

Neat & Tidy

£875.57£941.57 Inc. VAT

Hide those unsightly solar panel control units and ensure optimal performance and longevity with our Solar Panel Control Cover. Designed for an easy instal and ease of use, this cover adds an extra layer of protection against dust and debris, keeping your control units clean and well-maintained too.

    • Cleaner Lines: Hide your Solar Panel Control Unit behind one of our light-weight, easy to clean, weatherproof covers. Available in a choice of colours to match your desired exterior.
    • Tailored Protection: Our cover is crafted to fit seamlessly over standard solar panel control units, offering a sleek fit without impeding functionality. It provides an additional shield against dust and minor debris accumulation making it easier to keep clean.
    • Simplified Maintenance: With our cover in place, routine maintenance becomes simpler and more efficient. Keep your control units clean and protected with minimal effort, ensuring consistent performance over time.
    • Easy Installation: Installing our cover is quick and hassle-free, requiring no specialized tools or expertise. Simply place it over your control unit for instant protection, enhancing the longevity of your solar energy system effortlessly.
    • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with various solar panel control units, our cover is suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Enjoy versatile protection for your investment, regardless of scale.

    All our Covers are delivered fully built up ready to conceal your Solar Panel Controls.

  • HEIGHT (mm) DEPTH (mm) WIDTH (mm)
    1770 700 1235
  • White



    Mist Grey

    Light Oak

    Black Ash


    Forest Green

    Anthracite Grey

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