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How It Works

Need Somthing That’s
A Little More You?

We can make our Pod Covers or other existing products to almost any dimensions. So if you have an eyesore to cover or need extra storage in your garden for your barbecue, garden furniture, pedal cycle or anything else you care to mention, we can almost certainly design a cover to suit your needs.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Step 01

Get It Covered

Let us know what you want to cover.
Send us a pic and dimensions.

Step 02

Designed For You

We’ll create your design,
thinking outside the box.

Step 03


We’ll deliver your product,
direct to your door.

Bespoke Control Panel Cover
Bespoke Cycle Store
Bespoke Barbecue Cover
Bespoke Heat Source Pump Cover
Bespoke Cover Contoured to Fit
Bespoke Motorbike/Moped Cover

We’re Here To Help

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Delivery Timescales

We will contact you with a delivery date once we have a delivery run coming to your area. This can vary due to the fact that we do all our own deliveries so need a few drops in an area to make the delivery run feasible. Rest assured that we deliver in a timely manner, all around the country.

Your Contribution to Waste Reduction

Because of the inherent longevity of the materials used, it will outlast multiple replcements of alternative material versions, and doesn’t require repeated use of chemical treatments or paint.

Product Updates

We’ll keep you apraised of your bespoke build, every step of the way.

No Hidden Costs

Once you’re quoted, that’s what you’ll pay. There are no hidden charge or hidden extras to your bespoke cover.

Comfortable Delivery

Any delivery costs are already included within your build quote, so you don’t have to worry about any inknown additional costs.

Longevity Built In

Bespoke covers are still made with the exact same materials as out off-the-shelf covers, so you know you’ll be getting a long lasting, easy to clean, low maintenance, quality item.

Did We Answer Your Questions?

Get in touch to discuss your requirements further…